Should you buy your new or used car?


The purchase price

A new vehicle is probably the solution of serenity for motorists who wish to keep their purchase over the long term or who drive more than 30,000 km per year. It must be said that a car in perfect working order has everything to reassure: the models are guaranteed for periods ranging from 2 to 7 years , it is possible to personalize your car in your own way by choosing the body color and the options. of the model, and the risk of encountering hidden defects is low. On the other hand, a new car remains a significant investment. Indeed, with an average price of 24,300 €, this type of vehicle represents, after housing, the most expensive purchase for the French. However, it is possible to get a good deal by buying your car from a dealership .


During its first year of life, a new car loses 15 to 30% of its value, so it is better to wait a little before reselling it . The ideal is to be able to separate from your vehicle after four or five years, so that the discount stabilizes. It is also generally the period when you have not yet exceeded the fateful mileage threshold (120,000 km for a gasoline model and 150,000 km for a diesel), the limit from which a car is considered to be used in the vehicle. minds of consumers.

Maintenance cost

The costs of maintaining a new car are usually just routine checks. The equipment life is guaranteed in the long term thanks to the novelty of the parts, and the chances of encountering a major problem are lower during the first 100,000 km . In addition, a new model is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and the overhaul costs are indicated when the car is purchased.

Fuel consumption

A car fresh from the production plant will inevitably have a brand new mechanical system. Although fuel consumption varies by model, a new vehicle will use less energy than a second-hand car that will wear out over time.

Auto insurance

Insuring your new acquisition will always cost you more than for a used model. Indeed, insurance companies set their prices according to the value of the cars, knowing that that of a new vehicle is always higher than that of a second-hand car. You are also strongly advised to subscribe to an all-risk plan in order to fully cover your new acquisition.

The purchase price

The first thing that motivates you to buy your used car is undoubtedly the price. Thanks to all the specialized sites that are popping up on the web, it is now very easy to find a good deal , but not with just any model. A recent and sought-after car such as a Renault Captur will be available at a lower second-hand price (between € 2,000 and € 3,000 less), but still important. Conversely, a model which is about to receive a restyling like the Volkswagen Tiguan , will allow you to obtain a nice discount. It is therefore essential to compare pricesin order to decide. It is all the easier to get a good deal when you see the steep discount that vehicles undergo in their first year of life.


If you are rather cautious about buying used, be aware that more and more manufacturers are offering their own second-hand car market . Here, the vehicles sold all undergo a technical control and it is even possible to benefit from a guarantee. If you want to buy your car from an individual, you will need to be more vigilant in order to avoid scams. Prefer a model that has known only one owner, check that the vehicle’s papers are those of the seller and get advice from a friend or a mechanic before signing. Be aware that, by law, if you discover a hidden defect once your car has been purchased, you can turn against the seller to demand a refund.


If you want to buy a car, but you are already thinking of reselling it after a few months of use, then buying a new car is not a good solution. Indeed, as said above, a new car loses a lot of its value from its first year of life. Conversely, a used vehicle depreciates much less quickly . It is thus possible to resell your acquisition at a very suitable price after a few years of use, in order to be able to buy another model afterwards.

Maintenance cost

Even if a used car costs less to buy, it can represent a significant investment in maintenance costs. You will therefore be more likely to have to change important parts when buying a second-hand model. However, be aware that a car put up for sale must undergo a technical inspection at most 6 months before its redemption . This audit makes it possible to guarantee the correct functioning of the mechanical system, even if certain points have to be checked yourself.

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