Car Shampoo Leaves Traces. What to Do Next?


Car wash administrators and ordinary car owners, who wash their cars on their own, often discuss on forums on the topic “chemistry leaves a coating”, “shampoo doesn’t wash off at the end”, we have tried many products, but there is no sense in changing, etc.

The essence of the issues

Car shampoos are often blamed for this, although it may not be the only reason for such occurrences. Let’s try to highlight some common issues.

  • Most of the complaints often occur in the spring and winter.
  • Mostly they become evident in cars of black and white colours.
  • At the same time, washing technology should be respected.
  • The remaining plage can be easily eliminated using hands.
  • Changing the detergent with another often does not resolve the situation.

Causes of traces

The chemical composition of such deposits can be as follows:

  • Hydrophobic (fatty).
  • Plaque of hardness salts.

How to solve the issue

Fat bloom: It is practically impossible to remove fat contents with any active foam. So don’t always go for replacing your shampoo. Increasing the concentration makes it possible, and it will be possible to wash off the fat. However, such things can also ruin the paintwork – the active foam always contains alkali.

You will be able to wash off such contaminants using bitumen cleaners and similar chemicals. As a preventive measure, regular degreasing of the car can be recommended, which will significantly increase the washing efficiency. In spring and winter, it is advisable to carry out such things every two months using book car service online in Mumbai.

Another great way to eliminate such greasy deposits is mechanical (using a hand wash).

Salt plaque: To effectively remove all the salt deposits, using weakly acidic shampoo or acid-active foams becomes necessary.

Moreover, you can also remove plaque:

  • By using your hand.
  • Significantly increasing the concentration of the available cleanser (does not always help).
  • By using an acid cleaner (it is often advised to use wheel rim cleaners, a solution of acetic or citric acid, sanitary plumbing products for such purpose, but they should be carefully used so as not to damage the paintwork)

Another reason for the formation of salt deposits is the use of hard water. It can form at any time of the year – it is enough not to wipe a dark car after washing, and white spots will appear in the place of dried drops.  Most often, such a phenomenon is noticeable in car washes that use their own wells for water production and have an ineffective water treatment system. Such plaque can be easily removed with a rag.

According to the best car service center in Mumbai this phenomenon can be easily combated by reducing the water’s hardness and installing a water treatment plant. Although the solutions look expensive, it also reduces car shampoo and water consumption, which is an economically viable solution.

Preventive measures

The primary measure is the observance of the washing technology. In winter and spring, the car should be washed once every two to three weeks, regardless of how dirty it is. Thus, you will save the car from the appearance of various old contaminants on the paintwork, removal of which may need various unique means, and evenly polish the body.

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