How Automobile Industry Is Changing By Integrating The Modern Technology


Modern technology has taken over the automobile industry by storm. Motor vehicle manufacturers are releasing new vehicles with new high tech capabilities that you would probably have not imagined some few years back. Modern technology has played a significant part in revolutionizing the automobile industry to the extent you are not even sure what to expect in the next release. At the same time, the technology has enhanced competition among car technology innovators.

1. Auto Driving Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles, also known as self-driving vehicles, use modern technology, machine learning to achieve this magical performance. The autonomous car uses cameras, sensors, scanners, and brake actuators to help the vehicle collect data. The car can interpret the data and then take the most appropriate action. Machine learning has enabled self-driving vehicles to perform some tasks better than humans. The cars can detect objects, classify them, and clarify what there are.Self-driving cars can make the right decisions for safety purposes.You can relax in a fully autonomous vehicle and do a few things as the machine does what it knows better. However, if you buy a lemon car, you can contact Florida Lemon Law for advice and legal representation.

2. V2V Communication

V2V or communication Vehicle to Vehicle communication is the technology used in motor vehicles to communicate wirelessly and share information about their speeds, location, surroundings, and movingin real-time. The technology is essential in easing or preventing congestions and preventing collisions. However, for the communication technology in these cars to be effective, all vehicles must communicate with each other effectively. A scenario where two vehicles are at blind spots will signal each other and warn each other of a possible collision, and consequently, one vehicle will give way to the other.

3. Networked Cars Technology

Networked cars technology merges autonomous vehicle technology with the public transport service. Beyond the self-driving advantages in fully autonomous vehicles, networked cars integrate with natural language technology. The autonomous electric pods can communicate with each other about their speeds, location and availability. With the enhanced natural language technology, they will interact with you and ask you to undertake some tasks such as entering your destination. The electric pods may soon hit the major busy cities.

4. Electric Powered Vehicles

EV or electric vehicles do not have an internal combustion engine; instead, they use an electric motor. EV vehicles use electricity; hence they do not produce fumes. Though more expensive than the fueled motor vehicles, they save heavily on the cost of fuel since they rely on electricity. The integration of nanotechnology in battery manufacture has made it possible to produce Li-ion batteries able to store power five-folds than the standard batteries and at the same time take less space.

5. Solar Powered Electric Vehicles

Solar-powered electric vehicles use photovoltaic cells to convert solar energy into electric energy stored in car batteries. The solar-powered EVs have one main advantage over the usual EVs: they can continuously recharge themselves from the solar power without pulling over for recharge like in the regular EVs. The solar energy converted into electricity is stored in the batteries to be used at night. Solar EVs can cover long distances at minimal cost without the need to recharge. Manufacturers of automobiles such as Hyundai, Toyota, and Tesla develop solar-powered electric vehicles or their hybrids. The cars have less carbon footprint hence environmental friendly.


The integration of modern technology is revolutionizing the world of the automobile industry. In the coming years, most of these advanced technologies might hit our local roads. People want to experience life differently and in a better and easier way; the automobile industry is playing its part in ensuring this dream comes to pass. Watch out for more of this technology in your city and endeavour to experience the revolution.

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